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About Us


We are Anna Babich and Ludmil Tsvetkov from sunny Bulgaria, Balchik city! Thank you for your interest!

We are the Sphynx addicted persons. Our cats and dogs are the fully members of our family. Ours charming Sphynxes live with us in our house and bring us a lot of happiness and joy. We take a great care of our cats, our goal is to grow healthy and happy Sphynx kittens.
We fall in love in this breed since 2007, after the arriving of our first baby cat Sophia's Sky. Of course, like many knows one sphynx is not enough so now we have what we have :) Our cattery is registered in FIFe since 2008, and WCF since 2016. We are proud to say that we have different and rare bloodlines in our cattery, all our cats was choosen very seriously to have only healthy and excellent breed type kittens.

About sphynx

Hairless cats are extremely intelligent cats with very individual personality.
They have very expressive appearance, stare at you attentively when you speak and try to respond to your words.
Sphynx kittens are gentle and sweet, very social and easily accept other animals, including dogs, have affinity to humans and enjoy physical contact with them. They love to sleep in your lap or your bed cuddled under the blanket.
Bald cats are very attentive and curious creatures, react quickly to the environment and constantly purr to express their reaction to it. These qualities make them great friends and ideal performers at the cat shows.

Sphynx Book

If you are interested to read more about this unique breed, please see our SPHYNX BOOK

There you can find many useful information, photos and videos

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